Sending your kid off to college is no easy task. There is a lot to think about in terms of packing, purchasing, shipping and creating a new home away from home for your student. In our two decades of experience as moving organizers and relocation specialists, we have created countless detailed and coordinated action plans for clients related to this important life transition.  We incorporate the timeline, space planning, where and when to shop as well as room set up. Our professional organizing and relocation specialists create and execute the plan while handling any challenges that may arise (so that you don’t have to!).


Packing and Unpacking

The most exciting yet exhausting part of a move is the process of unpacking. It involves a smattering of steps that should not be overlooked. Not sure how to space plan and outfit that new dorm room to make it a happy home? We recommend and procure household items and furnishings while provide discount pricing on any available purchase. Want to figure out the best storage solutions in a smaller space? We will handle to your liking. Unprepared to manage the litany of tasks related to setting up a dorm room? We have you covered so that you can spend time with your loved one during this important transition.


Moving Concierge

In Order to Succeed® handles total move coordination, start to finish.  Need help packing, recommending vendors or securing items from trusted movers and storage companies? We have plans and strategies for every step of any move, whether it is around the corner or across the country.



We create environments that promote effective and sustainable organizational habits that will serve students well in academia and beyond. We create the physical space in their new dorm room to ensure they will create good habits, maintain order and survive the academic pressures of college life. Organizing the items in the dorm room and study space is the first step, but we also recommend a series of proven routines and habits to keep your student on track.