What’s Your Story?

At a certain point in life, when houses and possessions and other accolades of success fade in importance, one thing will always matter: your story.

Everyone has a story.

This belief has fueled my lifelong curiosity and guided my career, up to and including my latest chapter as a founding partner of SellersEaston Media. But 33 years ago, when I started at Fortune Magazine, little did I know where this belief would take me….

I learned at Fortune that business leaders, the CEOs and other super-achievers who earn space in the magazine’s page, have extraordinary ability to make a difference in the world.

A key benefit of success is impact, I realized, and so I was drawn to profiling successful people. No one is born a leader, as I saw up close and personal. Every life has an arc: You win, you lose, you learn, you grow. If you’re lucky and smart, that’s a life story and a path to leadership.

One classic path to leadership involves using your platform to do far more than what you’re expected to do. For instance, when Melinda French became Mrs. Bill Gates, she could have settled into the easy life of a billionaire’s wife. Instead, as I wrote in the first solo profile that Melinda ever agreed to do, she transformed her husband’s thinking about his money and became, with Bill, one of the world’s greatest philanthropists.

Another classic path to leadership involves recovery from setbacks. In fact, some of my favorite stories have been about models of resilience. Sean Maloney, who was in line to be the next CEO of tech giant Intel, suffered a massive stroke and lost his ability to speak—and then overcame seemingly impossible odds. In “The Man who Couldn’t Speak,” I tell the inspiring story of a determined man who learns to speak out of the other side of his brain.

Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg has followed both paths to leadership—using her platform to create a global best seller, Lean In, and become a role model for aspiring women, and now, as a widow raising two young children, writing another book, Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience and Finding Joy, due out this spring.

Interviewing and profiling leaders such as Sheryl in print, on video, and on Fortune’s stage, both Nina Easton and I have learned more than any school could teach us. Today, at SellersEaston Media, we’re using our well-honed skills to tell stories for private clients who believe, as we do, that one person can make a difference—and by telling their story well, they can inspire others for years after. We help individuals, families, and companies capture stories and legacies for private use. Our clients own their content; they choose their audience. In today’s chaotic fake-news environment, it’s more important than ever to capture stories as they should be told. Because legacies endure.

So, what’s your story? Know it. Tell it well. And make it last.

You can contact Pattie at Pattie@SellersEaston.com

Five Steps to Creating a Minimal Garden


Landscape Plans
You cannot make big changes without clear goals, in life or in your backyard. A plan will provide them for your new garden. A well executed stategy will provide the framework and direction to keep your priorities in focus.

*A gardeners New Years resolution…a plan.


The ancient Chinese principal of Feng Shui teaches us that the placement in an environment creates harmony and balance. A messy garden, like a messy home, will not bring harmony into your life. Trim trees, rip out overgrown areas, transplant items, toss what isn’t working! Enlist the help of a professional when needed.declutter

*Designer tip. Throw out those old cracked mismatched pots, broken outdoor candles, seats, etc. Opt for new bold oversized pots or lanterns to create interest near the house.


Pick one area of focus; is it farm to table gardening? Building your dream vegetable garden? Is it a peaceful colorful backyard? Is it a maintenance free patio area with parterre? Choose one area of focus.

IMG_0002*Designer Tip- Having a few elements; boxwoods, hydrangea, interesting pots…’en masse’ creates a much bigger impact than installing an entire nurseries inventory. Keep things steamlined and minimal!

STEP FOUR! Wow Factor!

Add a water element, fire, or a statue to create a new impact area at the house. A minimalist garden uses different mediums, not just plants, in the backyard. You can create an entire new ‘room’ outside to draw people in.

STEP FIVE: Seating!

Being comfortable outside is crucial. If you put seating out they will come! Adirondack chairs around a fireplace, a long inviting table under the stars for family dinners, a lounge set up or even a hammock are all vital. More than one seating space is critical for a well used back yard. Minimalist gardens.seating



You can contact Diana at dcutler@sascofarms.com

IOTS App Feature: Slice

A large piece of our daily business at In Order to Succeed® (as well as our own personal lives), requires a lot of purchasing and ordering for our clients, in our office, or for ourselves and family members. It is tedious, and at times very difficult keeping track of each and every purchase and delivery across the map. The absolute best order and delivery tracker app that we have been very pleased with is called Slice.

Slice can be downloaded and used on your mobile devices, or online right in your browser. You can download it on the Apple app store, on Google Play for android devices, or go ahead and visit the Slice website online. Once you create a login, you can connect your main email accounts and Slice will automatically comb through your confirmations and e-receipts and add information for you to the dashboard. Shipping and tracking numbers, order numbers, item descriptions and pictures – everything gets centrally stored in Slice and augmented with real-time updates from third party shipping companies like UPS, FedEx, USPS, even international shipping companies so that you have the latest information right at your fingertips. If you allow for pop-up notifications on your device, you won’t even need to open the app to view your package’s location or status. 

You can simplify both personal and professional orders across the board by safely accessing your e-receipts and confirmations in one place, and Slice will take care of the organization for you. This app is a full order support system and also allows you to input shipping and tracking information manually if it’s something like a return, or a gift. Even more exciting for frequent online shoppers – This past month they have added the new “Price Drop and Cash Back” feature, meaning, if you make a purchase and within the next 7 days the price is lowered by the company you’ve ordered from, Slice will let you know immediately and initiate a cash back request for the difference in prices. Find out more about the Amazon Price Protection Promise here on Slice’s website. Happy shopping all!