5 Business Productivity Tips


3008764974_73d0b9c7deA productive business is a successful business While much has been written on how to make a business productive what works for one business might nor work for another. With that in mind here are five of In Order to Succeed’s favorite business productivity tips. Share your favorite business productivity tips with us by commenting below or emailing us at info@inordertosucceed.com.




Tip #1 – Keep a sense of humor
Work can be stressful, but a great way to ease tension is to keep a sense of humor especially when things don’t go exactly the way you want.
Tip # 2 – Let nature into your office
Let natural light into your office and keep a plant or two. Allowing nature in your office is great way to improve the mood and feel of an office.
Tip # 3 – Write down the things you have to do and prioritize them
Start your day by writing down everything you have to and want to accomplish that day then order them by importance.
Tip # 4 – Take care of papers immediately
File, Act, or Toss papers and emails as the come across your desk and into your inbox instead of letting them pile up. Make a decision on papers and emails immediately.
Tip # 5 – Organize workspaces for space and quite
Situate office workspace to allow each person to have a quiet place to work with minimal distractions.

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