5 Tips for Summer Property Management

In Order to Succeed Team
Believe it or not, there are some important things you should do with your property in the summer.  We spoke with Frank Festini, owner of Total Care, of Wilton, Connecticut, who shared the five most important things to remember to do for summer property management and some other pro tips.  Frank reminds us all that Spring is a time for preparation and sprucing up, but summer also has its own unique needs.  Here’s what he has to say.
The Five Must Do’s of Summer Property Management
  1. Wood & Trim Rot Repair:  Older homes with wood trim should be inspected annually for rot.  While it would be nice to get this done in the spring, the wet weather often interferes.  Summer, when things are dryer, is a great time to spot wood rot and call for help.  Professionals, like those at Total Care, know all of the areas where this can happen.
  2. Driveway Heaves:  New England is famous for its gorgeous seasons but the change in weather brings with it frost heaves.  These occur when the ground constricts from freezing and then expands from warming, causing cracks and worse.  Spring and summer is when these appear in drives and other paved areas but they can be difficult to fix during a wet spring. Now is the time to address that issue.
  3. Painting: Summer is a great time to paint.  The dry weather means paint adheres and dries better and windows can be kept open for ventilation.
  4. Exterior and Interior Appliance Repair: Cleaning the refrigerator coils and grill are jobs to complete this time of year.  Summer allows them to be done with less risk of rain so the windows can again stay open to allow ventilation.
  5. Dock and Pier Repair:  During the warmer months you will notice dock and pier damage or areas that need to be maintained. The best weather to complete work that has to be done partially in the water is summer, of course! If you do have waterfront property summer is a really good time for setting up a system to deter geese — who can take over your lawn and leave it an absolute mess.
Besides these five “must do” things for summer property management, Frank shared a few other important tips with us:
  • People don’t realize that an early summer gutter cleaning is vital in heavy pollen years like this one.  Set up a gutter cleaning as well as cleaning out property drainage systems.
  • Many people have portable generators for power outages during summer storms, make sure to run it ahead of storm season and keep it filled with gas so that you are ready.
  • Consider having your home power washed after pollen season  — it will brighten it up and make it look great for summer entertaining.
In Order To Succeed and Total Care are here to help you and your property shine throughout the summer.  Contact us to find out more about the services we can provide.