Five Ways to Gift and Organize Apple Photos

In Order to Succeed Team

The giving season is here and we have five ways to gift and organize Apple photos. We’re all thinking about what to give our family and friends that is useful, thoughtful, and unique. Sometimes the perfect thing just can’t be found in a store, which turns us to Apple’s “Photos”. Chances are you have a FABULOUS picture from a vacation that would be perfect on a canvas, or family shots that would be adorable on the pages of a calendar. We recommend using Apple’s Photo Print Products as they are truly stunning and always highest quality.

Organize Apple photosMany people feel intimidated by Apple and the Cloud, but really the process is simple, and streamlined. Even if your photos scattered throughout your iPad, iPhone, Mac, PC, iCloud, or some combination of all in no particular order – we have solution for you. In Order to Succeed’s team includes Photo Organizers – one in particular who is a former Apple trainer! It does take a little time to learn about “Photos”, photo storage, the print products available, and organization. That is where we step in – we will even help you decide what to print, who to give it to, and what to make and how to organize Apple photos.

Here are five ways that our In Order to Succeed team can help you gift and organize Apple photos using your Apple device:

1. Create smart albums which are albums that scan your entire collection for any criteria you may have such as photos from this location, or this year or even using the faces features to automatically find all relevant photos. Use the word find feature to type in a keyword and Apple Photos will search your entire Photos library, or select a specific album, slideshow, or project and search within it.

Organize Apple Photos2. Show you how to use light retouching to dramatically improve pictures that may have been taken in low conditions, red eye correction and cropping to make the best of each photo.

3. Organize content. This is often the most confusing when it comes to photos, as we all have multiple devices multiplied by the amount of family members! By setting the foundation of a collective library of photos, you can simplify and improve how you store your families memories.

4. Set up a shared photo stream to allow other friends and family to contribute their pictures from an event or holiday celebration.

5. Filter through an extensive database of photos by setting up keyword short cuts. This allows keywords you’ve used such as “Weddings” or “Christmas” to be added to your quick pick list and even assign them a keyboard short cut, allowing you to search for certain pictures without sorting through all of them.

Five Ways to Organize and Gift Your Apple PhotosAfter you put these five steps into practice to organize Apple photos, you can find the perfect Holiday Cards, Printed Albums, and Canvases. Schedule a followup session with us to master the Cloud, find out how much storage you really need, and set up an organizational system. What’s more important than preserving your memories for generations to come? Set aside time to do this right and you will not regret it.