Life organizer Denise Caron-Quinn gets more information than she bargained for on the Chaz and AJ Podcast

Was your New Year’s Resolution to get your life more organized? Chaz and AJ from 99.1 PLR, Connecticut’s #1 Rock Station, had just that resolution for 2015. They decided to bring in Denise Caron-Quinn, a professional organizer and CEO of In Order to Succeed on January 13th. Denise was brought on to help Chaz and AJ, along with their other two radio hosts Pam and Phil, approach 2015 with a more “orderly” mindset. As a professional organizer, Denise, has years of experience steering people in the right direction and answering all kinds of questions from “how to organize my office” to “how to get more out of the small spaces in your home”. The show aired on three different radio stations; Fairfield’s Classic Rock Station 95.9 (The Fox), New Haven’s Rock Station 99.1 WPLR, and Hartford’s 102.9FM.

Our productivity specialist and professional organizer, Denise, may have gotten a little more insight into the radio host’s lives then she was bargaining for and found out some very interesting information regarding Pam and toilet paper. We have provided links to the podcast so you can take the quiz along with Chaz, AJ, Pam, and Phil. You can find out how organized you are and enjoy the extremely funny and interesting conversation between our professional organizer and the radio team! Who knows maybe you will be inspired to change some things in your life, it’s never too late!