Taking the Heat out of your Warm Weather Move

In Order to Succeed Team
According the United States Census Bureau, summertime is the busiest time of the year for household moving. Statistics for 2015 back this up. July 31 was the most moved on day and June was the busiest month.

5 Warm Weather Moving Tips

There are merits to packing moving boxes at this time of the year. Summer has the advantage of summer vacation, meaning less disruption to kids’ routines and sleep schedules. In addition, work responsibilities may be a bit lighter for some making it easier to free up time. That said, summer heat can wreak havoc on your move. If you do decide to relocate in the summer months, here are some considerations for your moving checklist.

1. Reserve a professional moving company well in advance

Because it is a popular season for moves hiring your movers and securing your dates in advance significantly reduces unwelcome surprises as the day gets closer.  The best moving companies fill up their schedule quickly.   The beginning and end of the month and weekends are always packed because that’s when most people move. If you have to move on a particular day like Friday or Saturday or the first or last day of the month, chances are, if you book last minute you may be unable to reserve the moving company of your choice.

2. Stay safe in the heat

As with any other summer activity, it’s always wise to keep lots of water on hand. Moving can be intense and often stressful.  Fight fatigue and heat exhaustion by adding water, hydrating drinks, and light snacks to your moving checklist. Take breaks when moving boxes, especially those that are particularly heavy.

3. Take special care of seniors, children and pets

With a house full of moving boxes, equipment, movers, and other service providers there are few shady places to stay out of the heat. The doors will be open for extended periods as well, making air-conditioning inefficient, and window units may already have been removed from houses without central air. Arranging to have kids or seniors stay with relatives or friends and putting the animals in pet day care can make sense on hot moving days.

4. Take care of your movers on a hot day

Adding extra water, drinks, and cold damp towels for the crew to your moving checklist is a great way to earn good karma with your movers. This will ultimately keep them safe, hydrated and more efficient and most appreciative.

5. Protect heat sensitive items

You may have to do a little research to figure out which items are sensitive to the heat.  Certain items – such as wax candles, aerosols, and electronics, for example, should not be boxed up in the sweltering heat and transported in the back of a moving truck. Chocolate and hard candies have a way of becoming hidden in kids’ clothes and belongings. Shrink-wrapped clothing can also lead to disaster, as can vinyl records and CDs. Some equipment should never be stored in extreme heat or sun so evaluate the type of equipment you have and refer to user manuals for transportation tips. Mark items that are unsafe for heat to prevent loss and damage.

Moves in any season benefit from advance preparation. Ask your moving concierge for tips and experience on prepping for a safe and successful summer move.