Week in Review: January 24, 2010


Home and Business Organizational news and chatter from around the globe.

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  • “Vision: The first step toward creating an improved future is developing the ability to envision it” ~ Unknown.
  • Get Organized: “How To: Use a Start Page to Stay Organized,” from Mashable.com.
  • Project Management Tip: Golden rule of Project Management: If you are not moving forward you ARE slipping back…
  • “We find comfort among those who agree with us—growth among those who don’t” ~ Frank A. Clark.
  • Do we need to fail in order to succeed: “The Upside of Failure:Turning Uh-Oh into Ah-ha!” from The McCombs School of Business Magazine.
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  • “Take risks: if you win, you will be happy; if you lose, you will be wise” ~ Unknown
  • Property Management: “Five Tips to Sell Any Home Fast,” from WiseBread.
  • The Three-Minute Rule,” from Harvard Business Review.
  • “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase” ~ Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Do we multitask too much? “The Death of Multitasking and Rebirth of Unitasking,” from Dumb Little Man.
  • Make your kitchen a little more green: “Green Kitchen with Spaghetti Scrub by Goodbye Detergent,” from In Order to Succeed.
  • Productivity Tip: Pick 2 or 3 priority tasks and get them DONE (start to finish)!
  • “Multitasking is easy; disciplined focus and attention is difficult” ~ Anthony Iannarino.

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