Residential Technology Consulting

In Order to Succeed® believes in the power of technology and how it can enhance your life when used properly. We provide technological expertise to make your life simpler, address your unique challenges, and improve the quality of your life by offering a multi-layered approach to bringing best of breed technologies into your home.

Household Efficiencies

At In Order to Succeed®, our focus is on helping our clients become unburdened by making aspects of their everyday lives orderly and efficient. From simplifying communication methods and appointment scheduling, to automating home maintenance projects and inventory capturing, our management team develops insightful solution plans to meet your family’s lifestyle needs. Our team of skilled technologists and organizing experts work closely together to assess, construct, and employ diverse and complete systems seamlessly for households and families of all sizes so that they may spend more time enjoying the things and people they value the most.


Evernote tracks work, home, philanthropy, medical appointments and everything else that you need and want organized electronically.  In Order to Succeed® founder, Denise Caron-Quinn, is a trained Evernote Certified Consultant and can help you get more organized and develop paperless systems with this valuable efficiency and productivity boosting platform.

Lifestyle Timesaving Apps

Finding the right methods for containing and simplifying the madness of every-day life can be incredibly overwhelming for anyone. We at In Order to Succeed® realize that there is no greater value than your time. In line with our efforts to provide our clients the experience of an organized, nuisance-free life, we are constantly identifying, researching, and implementing the best mobile and desktop tools to support and enhance aspects of the diverse work we do. Our team specializes in harnessing technology to streamline and automate your responsibilities for a more productive, fluid, and organized life.