10 Articles To Help With Your Thanksgiving Preparation

Thanksgiving Drive
Thanksgiving Drive

Thanksgiving can be a wonderful holiday—full of family, friends, comfort food, old traditions and the opportunity to create new ones—but it can also be a stressful time. There’s the travel, which can be a huge undertaking in itself whether you are traveling across the country or a few hours away. There’s the negotiating of whose family you visit or comes to visit you if the in-laws don’t get along. There’s the cooking, the preparation for cooking, the preparation involved in having guests, or in packing up your family to visit grandma. And finally let’s face it family get togethers can sometimes put even the most low-key people on edge. So how do you make Thanksgiving a low-stress and memorable holiday for everyone involved? Well over the past couple of weeks the blogsphere has been filled with advice to help with your Thanksgiving preparation. Here are 10 of our favorite places to get advice on creating a stress-free holiday.


1. Prepare Your Home For Guests
Listplanit.com has a great short list of ways to prepare your home for you guests and also reminds us that our “guests are more than likely there because they want to see you. They are not (usually there to give your house the white-glove test…”
2. Ways to Make Cooking a Thanksgiving Meal Easier
The NYTimes.com’s Dining and Wine Guide offers a list of a 101 dishes and recipes you can prepare before the turkey goes in the oven. Mark Bittman writes “For cooks, most Thanksgiving problems are brought about by the sheer number of dishes for the stove; It’s not easy to roast a turkey and sweet potatoes for 20 at the same time. The best solution is to make food in advance like one of the dishes that follow…”
3. Have an Organized Thanksgiving
“This Thanksgiving, why not plan ahead and give thanks to yourself for being so organized? Imagine enjoying the preparations and festivities more and not feeling so rushed and scattered…,” writes Lorie Marrero creator of The Clutter Diet. Read her tips on creating an organized Thanksgiving.
4. Stress-Free Travel
The editors of Condé Nast Traveler want you to enjoy stress-free holiday travel. Read about tips for making your travel experience headache-free and watch a video on the holiday travel tips everyone should know.
5. Don’t Forget About The Vegetarians
According to the NYTimes Diner’s Journal the number of American vegetarians has doubled since 1994 and a June 2009 poll showed that among 18-to-34-year-olds, 12 percent of women and 9 percent of men are vegetarians. Read Foodista Blog’s Vegetarian Thanksgiving Tips and learn how to prepare to host a vegetarian for Thanksgiving or if you are a vegetarian get tips on how to be a guest at a primarily meat eater’s Thanksgiving dinner.
6. Get Through Thanksgiving Calmly
Erin Doland gives five tips to get through the holiday season clammy on the blog SimplyStated.
7. Be Prepared to Handle Any Cooking Crisis
RealSimple.com has a great article called “10 Tricks to a Trouble-Free Thanksgiving.” Read this article before you start buying food and cooking and you’ll be prepared to handle common Thanksgiving cooking crises.
8. Get Help With Last Minute Thanksgiving Plans
Epicurious.com is a great place to start if you are planning your Thanksgiving last-minute. Their Thanksgiving section includes a Thanksgiving Menu Planner, tips on cooking for a crowd, celebrating on a budget, and of course tons of recipes.
9. Have a Green Thanksgiving
For the eco-conscious Earth911.com has great ideas for creating a green Thanksgiving including tips on setting the table, where to shop, and how to recycle afterwards.
10. Be the Prefect Guest
Read RealSimple.com’s “Etiquette Advice for the Holiday Guest,” and become the prefect Thanksgiving guest, from hostess gifts to what time to arrive, they have you covered.

by Bree Shirvell
Media Consultant at In Order To Succeed

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