5 simple ways to make the most of your office space


These are a few simple ways to help you get the most from your office space so that your workplace is a productive environment devoid of clutter.

An adequate amount of office space is key to your productivity, and while it is unreasonable to have crystal-clear desk it is vitally important that office clutter is not disrupting your work. There are many different simple steps that you can take to ensure the place in which you work is de-cluttered hence stress free.

My Storage Pod, a Self Storage business in the UK, has come up with five simple ways to do this.

Don’t Write Everything Down

Writing things down with pen and paper can still be very useful especially as you can take notes quickly and in short hand. However, piles and piles of paperwork can be very unfeasible to work with and it can take a fair amount of time to find exactly what you are looking for. It can be well worth taking notes or copying down notes onto your computer this will mean your work will be easier to read and, if organized properly, easier to find. Google Drive can be especially useful in regards to organizing your work as folders can easily be created and found “in the cloud,” meaning you can reach them from any location.

Utilize Office Storage Facilities

There’s nothing that seems like a waste of space so much as documents kept for legal reasons, such as compliance with Data Protection legislation. If you’re renting an office space to work in, your money might be better spent on space in a self storage facility. The cost of a serviced office is often far higher than self storage, which is more suitable for archiving documents and files you don’t need access to regularly.

Dispose of redundant items

Nowadays a lot of people like to hoard possessions because they will need these items again at some point. It is worth taking the time to consider whether you really need an item instead of placing it in office draws never to be seen again. General clutter that can accumulate in office draws and desks may begin to significantly hamper your productivity. Instead of having the mentality of putting things away and worrying about them later it is worth taking the relatively simple decision of weather you actually need something or not.

Monitor Desk Size and Usage

If you own a large office with many employees it is worth monitoring how many desks are being used and whether the desks are too large. Disposing of redundant desks will create a much greater amount of space improving office safety and conditions. The organization of your desks should also be looked at, for example placing desks back to back (as long as your employees are comfortable with it) can create a huge amount of space in the office which can make room for other facilities or more staff.

Get Creative With Shelving

If you work from home or in a very small office it can pay to get creative, especially with shelving. For example shelving can be extended below the desk for items in long term storage. Custom made shelving can also be important in small work places, this will allow you to tailor your shelving to your exact needs and to make sure you never waste space. Shelving can be shaped to the shape of files and electrical appliances you use to again ensure that no space is wasted. Another way to get creative is using a pull out desk draw, this is a chest of draws with a top draw that pulls out to reveal a desk whenever you need it.