Denise’s Tech Pick – GoodNotes!

Since the creation of the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil (or compatible stylus accessories), transitioning from pen and paper to digital note-taking on the go has become not only feasible, but much easier and more fun than ever!

The GoodNotes 4 App

The GoodNotes 4 App is a feature rich tool that lets you take dynamic handwritten notes and annotate PDF documents on your mobile devices. Thanks to the app’s syncing functionality, your notes are searchable and viewable across iOS devices in real-time, and can also be set to automatically backup and store all your content in iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and OneDrive.

GoodNotes Mac Companion

The developers at Time Base Technology Limited have also introduced a new intuitive GoodNotes Mac companion app to take your access and productivity to the next level, and all 3 platform applications can be purchased and easily downloaded from the Apple App Store for $7.99!   


All in all, it is safe to say that with organized notebook filing, handwriting-to-typed text conversion, robust share and export features, various “paper” styles and digital ink options (including highlighters) all available at your fingertips, the uses for GoodNotes can be truly endless.


Sarasota Home Organizing Services

Our Sarasota Team of Amy Esper and Kim Standish are  here to simplify your lives and give people in Sarasota the luxury of time. There is no greater commodity in life. Our Sarasota professional organizing service include home organizing including offices, help moving and absentee home owner services.  We have compassion and a relentless and never ending drive for excellence that has fueled us for over 20 years. The details really matter to us, and our loyal clients, such as Tiny Fey or your neighbor, will tell you that. We take their trust in us enormously seriously

Meet our Sarasota Home Organizing Team

Amy Esper and Kim StandishAmy Esper and Kim Standish are the In Order Succeed team that can help you from everything from a complicated to move to make sure our home is a model of efficiency. From her experience as a labor lawyer in NYC and Florida, Amy has a keen understanding of the importance of organization and making her clients lives more efficient. Kim is a former CIA field officer who has lived and moved all over the world and has moving down to a science. Together they offer Sarasota a suite of services to help our clients live, work and move.


Home Organizing Button

Home Organizing

Simplify your life and live in a more efficient and attractive home. We understand that an organized life goes beyond attractive storage solutions. Our Home Organizing Professionals and Organizing Assistants eliminate a variety of clutter, reorganize all storage areas, and develop systems and habits to keep you organized…Learn More

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Home Office Organization

Efficiency at work is imperative to success.  In Order To Succeed® organizes your workplace into a functional, efficient, and attractive space while establishing habits to keep it organized. The time saved searching for documents or client phone numbers can be devoted to enriching your projects, research, and building relationships…Learn More

Residential Moving Concierge

Residential Moving Concierge

In Order to Succeed® can ensure you have the right team in your corner to assist you with moving. We offer a suite of services from total coordination, to staging to installation so you can move into your house and start living in it as soon as possible…Learn More.


Senior Services

There are a myriad of challenges facing senior citizens and their families today. The growth in retirement communities and the scattering of adult children often requires professional assistance. Seventy-five million people require caregiving and caretakers are frequently managing…Learn More.

13 Tips for Traveling Like a Minimalist this Summer

“Let your memory be your travel bag” – Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Embracing a more minimalistic approach to packing can make traveling even more enjoyable. Packing lightly doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. I always want to have everything I need without feeling weighed down. The key is thorough planning, lots of practice and following some basic principals. To be a light packer, you must first follow four simple rules:

  • Always make a list.
  • Never pack more than you can carry.
  • Never bring anything you don’t need.
  • Always plan your outfits in advance.

Isn’t it annoying when you return home from vacation or a business trip and find various things that remained buried in your suitcase the whole trip that only added extra weight and travel clutter for absolutely no reason? Embracing a more minimalist approach to packing can make traveling even more enjoyable. Here are 13 tips toward achieving this goal.

1.  Make a packing list.

Since you’re cutting down the things you’re bringing, it’s smart to make a list of the actual essentials. This way you don’t forget anything absolutely necessary. Be selective with your list, and don’t add gratuitous items that you don’t need. You can do this!

2. Plan your outfits ahead of time.

Instead of throwing in every article of clothing you’ve ever owned, count the number of days you’re going to be gone, and plan your outfits for each day (and evening if necessary) When making an itinerary plan outfits accordingly. That way you will have a better understanding of what is really needed and what can be left at home.

3. Bring things that don’t wrinkle and are multi-purpose.

Clothes that can be dressed up or down are key for keeping your packing light. I always try to bring items that are appropriate for different occasions. As Karl Largerfeld said, ““One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a Little Black Dress.” This premise has been the inspiration for Jennifer Croll’s Los Gatos California boutique called The Little Black Dress. Jennifer’s jersey dresses, tops and pants are perfect for travel and available not only in black but a wide array of colors. They are fashionable, versatile, wrinkle free, and machine washable. I always travel with at least one or more of her creations.


4. Pack only the essential toiletries.

Don’t pack items that come with your accommodations. Most hotels provide shampoo, conditioner, soap, lotion, and a blow dryer. If you’re not staying somewhere that will have toiletries, or you have certain must-have favorites, put them in the smallest size container that is appropriate for that product.

5. Don’t bring things you think you “might” need.

You probably won’t need them, and unless you’re going somewhere where you absolutely won’t be able to buy them, skip bringing extras of the same item and instead just take care of keeping track of what you did bring. Color coordinate so that everything can be paired and used for several different occasions.

6. Pack a pair of shoes that go with several outfits.

Cat Perkins ShoesPack or wear a pair of shoes that they can be dressed up or down and are comfortable for walking. Think: black ballet flats or low-heeled boots. Shoes take up a lot of suitcase space, so the fewer pairs, the better. Cat Perkins has the shoes everyone will be traveling with this season. A beautiful stylish shoe with one bottom and interchangeable uppers.

7. Don’t travel with tech you don’t need.

If you’re going on vacation, embrace it and avoid working. If you must work bring a tablet instead of your laptop. If you need a keyboard, Logitech has a great wireless keyboard for travel that is compatible with most tablets and takes up less space than your laptop.

8. Ebooks instead of physical books.

You can load up a Kindle or the Kindle app with endless books without taking up any suitcase room at all. It’s a no-brainer even for those of us who much prefer reading paper instead of digital content.

9. Wear your heavier clothing on the plane.

If you’re flying, wear your heavier/bulkier shoes and sweaters on the plane (bonus: you won’t freeze when the airplane AC is blasting). That way, you don’t have to stuff a giant jacket into a small bag, and you’ll still get to bring your favorite pair of shoes on the trip without worrying about them weighing your luggage down.

10. Roll your clothes and/or use packing bags

This is minimalist packing 101: instead of folding your clothes, roll them tightly up (like a sushi roll). This is more efficient space-wise and helps keep clothes from wrinkling. Eagle Creek has a whole “Specter” packing system that contains a variety of translucent pouches that will fit everything. Check out this Container Store video for packing a carry-on with clothes for 10 days.

Container Store Video

11. Choose the right suitcase or bag.

Select a bag that is spacious but compact. I prefer an expandable carry-on. They are small enough to put in an overhead compartment, but the extra space allows for some wiggle room.

12. Bring a space-saving travel pillow

Rather than a foam travel pillow consider an inflatable neck roll like this one from Air Comy. It takes up less space than the foam version.. It’s contoured neck support makes it comfortable. A soft micro-velvet pillowcase is easily removed and laundered. Another feature is that it is inflatable and deflatable with the push of a button. Blow it up and it collapses in seconds by simply pressing the air release valve. It stores compactly in a color coordinated satin lined packsack that comes with a carabiner for attaching to luggage.

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 11.03.51 PM

13. Bring a back-up battery for your cellular devices.

Walking around all day drains your phone, especially if you’re relying on it to be your GPS to explore new places. Remember to pack a compact external battery or and a car charger if you’re taking a road trip.


In Order to Succeed Expands to Florida

In Order to Succeed®, a premier full service professional organizing and moving concierge firm, is now servicing the Sarasota and Tampa areas. We are thrilled to have Amy Esper, Esq. and Kim Standish launching our Florida expansion. Their professionalism, passion for organization and client-centric personalities will be the key to our anticipated growth. For almost twenty years, In Order to Succeed® has been helping people bring new order to their living and work spaces by providing a wide array of life management solutions throughout NYC and CT. When working with our team during a move or reorganization, our clients experience The Luxury Time® as they lead more productive and less stressful lives while letting us take care of all of the details.

Our primary services include residential and business organizing projects; coordination and execution of home and office moves; household and property management; and technological consulting to streamline electronic systems and provide simplified access to digital data. We are excited to extend these services and expand our reach to the sunshine coast and look forward to helping people eliminate clutter and move forward feeling organized, empowered and in control as they live, work or move.

Celebrate Earth Week With The Most Sustainable Companies

Shopping For Clothing and Home Decor Can Be Fashionable and Ethical

Why is it that we cringe at the term “hand me down” but drool over “vintage”? Sometimes a term has a bad connotation, like those terrible maroon corduroy pants that got passed from your older sister to you. Ethical consumption is a hot trend.  More people are falling in love with the idea of reducing, reusing, and recycling. In honor of Earth Day, we’ve got a round up on the best sustainable clothing companies and home decor shops. These brands will bring gorgeous, ethical products into your home. After the brand round up, check out our favorite tips for practicing sustainability.

Sustainable Clothing Companies in NYC

New York has always been fashion forward. Not just in looks but embracing all trends. These shops sell items that are beautiful and ethically produced.


Teich works with artisans making clothing and accessories from organic, natural, and vintage material. Their one of a kind items are  a blend of vintage and cutting edge.


Cross the river to Brooklyn to check out Kaight. Fashionistas rejoice! Kaight sells the hottest rising designers who blend fashion forward with eco-friendly practices.

Most Sustainable Companies: Home Decor

Home decor is also trending toward sustainable products. Reclaimed and upcycled are two hot trends. Rather than create new items, artisans craft unique pieces using found items. Reclaimed windows and barn wood are two of the hottest ingredients in this trend.

Yorkwood Co.

The company’s motto “born on the streets” might not sound high end, but a look at their work paints a very different story. They reclaim wood from construction and other sites around New York. Yorkwood transforms found wood into gorgeous, custom pieces in both commercial and residential spaces.

Fallen Industry

If a tree falls in the woods and nobody’s there to witness it, chances are Fallen Industry will pick it up and turn it into something beautiful. This Brooklyn-based outfit is one of the most sustainable companies around. Fallen Industry crafts pieces that fit perfectly across a variety of design aesthetics.

5 Tips For Sustainable Living

There are lots of ways to run a sustainable household, here are five tips for sustainable living as well as links to read even more.

  1. Try Consignment. Stop feeling guilty when you open the closet and see a dress you only wore once. Learn about consignment so that someone else can enjoy the dress and you can find your next favorite.
  2. Make Donations. One blogger shared that she always saved ribbons and gift tags. During decluttering, realized it was time to let go of these items she was not going to use. You can post items on sites like Or, better yet, donate items like these to a local elementary school or day care program. Gift wrapping makes for great art. If you have clothing and home goods to donate we recommend donating to the United War Veterans Council. Click the link to contact this organization who will pick up your donations.
  3. Practice Awareness. This post has great information on moving toward sustainable living. Our favorite? The Eco-Sabbath. Put aside time each week where you do not use machines, buy anything, or produce waste. Spending time unhooked from our consume/trash cycle makes us more aware when we start up again.
  4. Go Digital. Paper planners are beautiful but wasteful. Try to go waste free by using your smartphone and apps for scheduling, communicating, and everything else.
  5. Build Habits. Sustainable living doesn’t happen overnight. Spend time planning ways to shop at the most sustainable companies. Educate your family on the importance of the 3 R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle) and set a goal to move toward sustainable living for a smoother, longer lasting transition.

In Order To Succeed provides expert organizational help to residential and commercial clients. If you are interested in learning how to declutter, organize and live better or in how to do these things utilizing sustainability, contact us to set up an appointment.

Considering Consignment? Tips & Tricks to Get Started Consignment

Consignment shops are gaining popularity among women who love the best in fashion.

According to Richard Wainwright of L.A.-based vintage pop-up A Current Affair the appeal of consignment shopping comes partly from the ability of consignment shops and dealers to respond quickly to new trends.

“ The traditional runway to retail calendar has a problem with response time,” Wainwright said. “We’re seeing collections 6 months before they hit the stores, and by that time we’re bored with them and excited about the next season. Vintage shop and dealers can respond much quicker to trends and curate an aesthetic that isn’t tied to a specific season.”

Besides curating a fashionable look, 16-18% of Americans shop at thrift stores in a year. 11.4% shop at factory outlet malls, 19.6% at brand-based stores and 21.3% shop at department stores. Here’s what you need to know if you’re considering consignment.

What Are Consignment Shops?

Consignment shops use a specific type of buying and selling model. A “seller” gives their goods to the shop. Payment for their goods happens once sold. If items do not sell in a set amount of time, the items return to the seller.

Why not eBay?

Why not sell clothes and accessories on the Internet? There’s eBay, Craigslist and the hugely popular Facebook community sale sites. The difference is the curator and the customer. eBay charges significant fees for items. It also requires significant work on the part of the seller. There’s a gamble that an item will sell much lower than the seller would like if the auction doesn’t get much activity.

Craigslist is a free option for selling. People looking to score goods cheaply use it. It’s unlikely that someone is looking for a Hermès bag on eBay or Craigslist. Getting a fair price for that designer bag or dress, thus, is much more difficult. Facebook groups yield offers to pay far less for your goods than they are worth.

Consignment shops are in most towns, even small ones. Shop staff know their clientele and what they seek. Using a high end consignment shop means working with staff who know the actual value of your items. They want to make money which means that you, in turn, make the most for your items. You can reinvest in new and barely used high fashion products.

Consignment Shops Online

More consignment shops are popping up online. Ship your items for free to sellers who already have an online presence. With 80% of Americans shopping online you boost your earning potential considerably.

Why Consign?

Consignment has huge benefits:

  • Wardrobe Editing & Staying Organized. The average woman has over $500 of unworn clothing in her closet not counting accessories and shoes. Even if she is not interested in profiting from them that is space that is being taken up by unworn items. This can lead to clutter. It is difficult to stay on top of clutter when there is extraneous stuff in the way. The benefits of consignment are not just making money. It also gives your closet room to breathe and be better organized.
  • Ethical Consumption & Ethical Elimination. Consumers are aware of their buying and discarding habits. Consignment shops reduce waste. Instead of throwing items out, selling them through consignment allows someone else to use them. It also brings a return on the investment. Purchasing an unworn item already in circulation, or one that is gently worn, is the new recycling.
  • Stay On Trend. Consignment shops are perfect for the fashion forward. Keep an up to date wardrobe with the highest quality clothing for less money. An item that isn’t worn is consigned for a financial return. Reinvest this in your wardrobe.

Tips & Tricks for Getting The Most for your Items at Consignment Shops

If consignment sounds like something you’d like to try be sure to follow our tips to get the most return on your investment.

Make Smart Selections. Look for the high end items you don’t wear. This can be a gown you wore for an event, items you didn’t return, or a purse that looked better on the shelf than on your arm. Chances are you have clothing, jewelry, shoes, bags and more that fit this description.

Don’t Just Bring In Items. Whether visiting consignment shops, having a consignment expert come to your home or selling via online consignment shops there are steps to take ahead of time.

  • First, get items properly cleaned (steamed, dry cleaned, etc).
  • Second, be sure to ask the cleaner to check all fastenings, seams and give the items a sprucing up if necessary. For example, tighten or replace buttons if necessary.

Do Your Research. Don’t just go to the consignment shops closest to you. Research shops, online or in person, that carry items like yours. Is the shop visited by a clientele that would seek out items like those you are selling?

Time To Consign

Is it time for you to edit your wardrobe and make the most of the items you don’t use? Here are a few final thoughts.

Our Favorite Consignment Shops

New York City

Michael’s: The Consignment Shop for Women
  • Upper East Side/1041 Madison Ave
  • High end. No second or third tier labels. For example, they will take Donna Karan but not DKNY.
  • Items must be in pristine condition.
  • Nothing more than two years old unless Chanel, Hermes, Pucci
  • Seller receives 50% of the selling price which drops 20% every thirty days. At 90 days the selling price lowers to 50% of the original selling price.
  • They accept items via mail.
  • East Village/180 First Ave
  • High end (Chanel, YSL, Prada)
  • Consider making an appointment if you’d like the buyers’ full attention. Eleven has an exceptional staff; it’s worth building a relationship with them if you have top labels to sell.
  • There is a buy on the spot option that allows for store credit.
  • Consign rate is 50% of Eleven’s sale price
  • Pro tip: do not judge them by their website, this place is a gem!
Fisch for the Hip
  • Chelsea/90 Seventh Ave
  • Celebrities love Fisch thanks to its selection of designers like Chanel and Gucci.
  • Appointments required when consigning.
  • They accept in-season designer items in pristine condition. They pay 50% of the price at which the item sells.
  • Upper East Side/1132 Madison Ave
  • High end. Encore prefers items that are within a few years old.
  • A contract states the starting price for your items. The duration of the contract is three months but there is an option to add one more month.
  • The seller gets 50% of the selling price.
  • Items less than $400 get marked down 20% after a month; those priced at more than $400 get marked down after 2 months.
  • Contracts with a fourth month get 50% taken off the selling price after three months.


Consigned Designs at 115 Mason St. in Greenwich; (203) 869-2165.

DWR Consignment Boutique at 33 East Ave., New Canaan; (203) 594-7376.

The label exchange – Fairfield
The shop is located at 1344 Post Rd. E., Westport; (203) 255-9099;

Our Favorite Online Consignment Services

When you are ready to review your wardrobe to edit or declutter, contact In Order To Succeed for help.


What’s Your Story?

At a certain point in life, when houses and possessions and other accolades of success fade in importance, one thing will always matter: your story.

Everyone has a story.

This belief has fueled my lifelong curiosity and guided my career, up to and including my latest chapter as a founding partner of SellersEaston Media. But 33 years ago, when I started at Fortune Magazine, little did I know where this belief would take me….

I learned at Fortune that business leaders, the CEOs and other super-achievers who earn space in the magazine’s page, have extraordinary ability to make a difference in the world.

A key benefit of success is impact, I realized, and so I was drawn to profiling successful people. No one is born a leader, as I saw up close and personal. Every life has an arc: You win, you lose, you learn, you grow. If you’re lucky and smart, that’s a life story and a path to leadership.

One classic path to leadership involves using your platform to do far more than what you’re expected to do. For instance, when Melinda French became Mrs. Bill Gates, she could have settled into the easy life of a billionaire’s wife. Instead, as I wrote in the first solo profile that Melinda ever agreed to do, she transformed her husband’s thinking about his money and became, with Bill, one of the world’s greatest philanthropists.

Another classic path to leadership involves recovery from setbacks. In fact, some of my favorite stories have been about models of resilience. Sean Maloney, who was in line to be the next CEO of tech giant Intel, suffered a massive stroke and lost his ability to speak—and then overcame seemingly impossible odds. In “The Man who Couldn’t Speak,” I tell the inspiring story of a determined man who learns to speak out of the other side of his brain.

Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg has followed both paths to leadership—using her platform to create a global best seller, Lean In, and become a role model for aspiring women, and now, as a widow raising two young children, writing another book, Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience and Finding Joy, due out this spring.

Interviewing and profiling leaders such as Sheryl in print, on video, and on Fortune’s stage, both Nina Easton and I have learned more than any school could teach us. Today, at SellersEaston Media, we’re using our well-honed skills to tell stories for private clients who believe, as we do, that one person can make a difference—and by telling their story well, they can inspire others for years after. We help individuals, families, and companies capture stories and legacies for private use. Our clients own their content; they choose their audience. In today’s chaotic fake-news environment, it’s more important than ever to capture stories as they should be told. Because legacies endure.

So, what’s your story? Know it. Tell it well. And make it last.

You can contact Pattie at

Five Steps to Creating a Minimal Garden


Landscape Plans
You cannot make big changes without clear goals, in life or in your backyard. A plan will provide them for your new garden. A well executed stategy will provide the framework and direction to keep your priorities in focus.

*A gardeners New Years resolution…a plan.


The ancient Chinese principal of Feng Shui teaches us that the placement in an environment creates harmony and balance. A messy garden, like a messy home, will not bring harmony into your life. Trim trees, rip out overgrown areas, transplant items, toss what isn’t working! Enlist the help of a professional when needed.declutter

*Designer tip. Throw out those old cracked mismatched pots, broken outdoor candles, seats, etc. Opt for new bold oversized pots or lanterns to create interest near the house.


Pick one area of focus; is it farm to table gardening? Building your dream vegetable garden? Is it a peaceful colorful backyard? Is it a maintenance free patio area with parterre? Choose one area of focus.

IMG_0002*Designer Tip- Having a few elements; boxwoods, hydrangea, interesting pots…’en masse’ creates a much bigger impact than installing an entire nurseries inventory. Keep things steamlined and minimal!

STEP FOUR! Wow Factor!

Add a water element, fire, or a statue to create a new impact area at the house. A minimalist garden uses different mediums, not just plants, in the backyard. You can create an entire new ‘room’ outside to draw people in.

STEP FIVE: Seating!

Being comfortable outside is crucial. If you put seating out they will come! Adirondack chairs around a fireplace, a long inviting table under the stars for family dinners, a lounge set up or even a hammock are all vital. More than one seating space is critical for a well used back yard. Minimalist gardens.seating



You can contact Diana at

IOTS App Feature: Slice

A large piece of our daily business at In Order to Succeed® (as well as our own personal lives), requires a lot of purchasing and ordering for our clients, in our office, or for ourselves and family members. It is tedious, and at times very difficult keeping track of each and every purchase and delivery across the map. The absolute best order and delivery tracker app that we have been very pleased with is called Slice.

Slice can be downloaded and used on your mobile devices, or online right in your browser. You can download it on the Apple app store, on Google Play for android devices, or go ahead and visit the Slice website online. Once you create a login, you can connect your main email accounts and Slice will automatically comb through your confirmations and e-receipts and add information for you to the dashboard. Shipping and tracking numbers, order numbers, item descriptions and pictures – everything gets centrally stored in Slice and augmented with real-time updates from third party shipping companies like UPS, FedEx, USPS, even international shipping companies so that you have the latest information right at your fingertips. If you allow for pop-up notifications on your device, you won’t even need to open the app to view your package’s location or status. 

You can simplify both personal and professional orders across the board by safely accessing your e-receipts and confirmations in one place, and Slice will take care of the organization for you. This app is a full order support system and also allows you to input shipping and tracking information manually if it’s something like a return, or a gift. Even more exciting for frequent online shoppers – This past month they have added the new “Price Drop and Cash Back” feature, meaning, if you make a purchase and within the next 7 days the price is lowered by the company you’ve ordered from, Slice will let you know immediately and initiate a cash back request for the difference in prices. Find out more about the Amazon Price Protection Promise here on Slice’s website. Happy shopping all! 

Travel Tips to Really Enjoy your Experience

1. Carry about $100 in cash. While most places in the US and many abroad will accept debit and credit cards, it is always smart to carry cash to use for food and at places like street vendors. If you are traveling somewhere you need to exchange currency, be sure not to carry all of your money at once but enough to get you through each day.

2. Have a general itinerary, but don’t over plan. Of course while traveling you will have specific tourists spots you plan to visit, but don’t let your plans prevent you from exploring and discovering new places and things. Have a plan for each day, but leave enough time between each activity to relax, shop, walk around, and explore.

3. Do your research. Understand a bit about the history and culture of a place before arriving. Learn about historic landmark to visit, famous tourist locations, and good places to eat. Also be aware of the safety of different cities and towns.

4. If you’re abroad, understand the cultural customs of a situation. For example, the dining experience is different around the world. Before going to a restaurant, know how to greet the server, place an order, and how much tip to leave.

5. If you’re abroad, study the language to learn common greetings and questions. While you should not let a language barrier prevent you from traveling, it is wise to have an understanding of some common phrases to help you get around and be polite to others.

6. Be aware of your surroundings and belongings. Especially in unfamiliar territory, it is important to be cautious to ensure safety. Always be aware of your surroundings and follow gut feelings of uncertainty or danger. Also be sure to always keep luggage and purchases under close watch, and lock up jewelry and money that you leave behind in the hotel.

7. Don’t sleep through your trip. While you want your trip to be relaxing, don’t waste time be sleeping in. Of course you don’t want to exhaust yourself, but the early morning walk around a foreign city may be worth more than the extra hours of sleep.

8. Try something new. There are so many activities to try while traveling; taking advantage of the opportunity to be adventurous! Even if you are scared, try taking a risk.

9. Be open-minded. Traveling exposes you to so many different customs and worldviews. Though you may feel uncomfortable with the unfamiliar, learn to appreciate another way of life and learn as much as you can first-hand.

10. Take pictures. Of everything! And don’t forget to take some of yourself and fellow travelers. While you want to be sure to capture all of the beautiful sights, remember to also get photos of your friends and family that you will treasure forever.