Dorm Room Storage Ideas


227356389_da6f0cbc58Across the country students are beginning to move into their college dorms.Whether you or your college student is returning for another year or just starting college, coming up with dorm room storage ideas is a daunting task. Read this article from Jenna Hart, a freelance writer who specializes in home decor and organization tips.

Dorm Room Storage Ideas

Moving into a college dorm room as a freshman is always exciting. But many students are not prepared for just how small their new space on campus is. With most rooms only averaging around 228 square feet, it can be tough to squeeze all of your stuff into that area, especially if you’ll be sharing the space with a room mate. Fortunately, there are all types of great storage options to look into that can help maximize your living area as well as give you some much needed storage.

Consider a Trunk: A storage trunk is a great piece to have, as it can often store everything from sweaters to jackets to blankets to even your everyday supplies. It adds a nice decorative touch, especially with so many different styles available. Best of all, it can double as seating or a coffee table, eliminating the need for extra furniture.

Maximize Closet Space: You and your room mate likely each get your own teeny tiny closet, or you may share a somewhat larger one together. One of the best ways to make sure you use your closet space is to use temporary organizers, such as baskets or hanging closet organizers. This makes it much easier to know exactly where everything is.

Use Your Wall Space: Your school may have rules about putting things on the walls, but there are a number of temporary wall adhesive based hooks which can be removed easily from the walls when you move out. These can be used as hooks alone for hanging towels and jackets, or you can use them to hang a dowel rod across the walls to hang other items from.

Raise the Bed: While some schools may restrict what type of furniture you may bring, bunk beds and loft beds can certainly help make up for a lack of square footage if you are permitted to have them. By lifting the bed up in the air, you can either fit two beds in one spot, or use the space below for other uses. If you’re absolutely stuck with beds the school provides, use dorm bed risers or concrete blocks to raise them and give you extra storage under the bed.

You don’t have to sacrifice on style or the things you bring with you on campus when it comes to storage ideas for college dorms. With a little creativity, you’ll be able to fit in to your new room easily and comfortably!

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Jenna is a freelance writer who writes on home decor and organization tips. You may enjoy her articles on closet organizing and dorm storage ideas.
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