Effective Organization of Your Life



This article exists purely to stimulate your thoughts about how you can better spend your time. I hope you enjoy it!

Let me pose a question for you: What do you do at work?

Chances are it is reasonably specialized. You may be in a very academic career such as a lawyer, teacher, engineer, accountant; the list goes on and on. Or you may be in a more creative industry, a marketing expert, writer, designer, or musician. The career options are numerous but you’ll have picked one that suits you and that you’re good at.

What then would happen if you work in advertising as a Creative Director and suddenly have to do the company accounts? I think you’ll agree with me that it might be quite challenging.

How about your home life? Do you try and do everything? From the cooking to the cleaning and from the shopping to the gardening, when do you have time to “be you”?

I’m going to tell you what I do. I’m a serial entrepreneur, so I basically start and build companies. My expertise is in marketing and business innovation, but one of my companies is a web development business, Expanding Web. How does that work then? The answer is obvious isn’t it? Someone else does the web development while I deal with business strategy, marketing, and innovation. Everyone is happy – the company gets great marketing and innovative new ways to grow, our clients get great, technically accomplished sites, and we create a bit of additional employment in the community as well. Seems like I’ve got that one sorted, eh?

Why then do we not structure our home lives in a similar way?  Too often we try and do everything, from cooking to cleaning, and shopping to gardening.

I want you to “turn your work brain on”, just for a moment and think about how much better life at home would be if you could delegate out tasks that you don’t enjoy, tasks that consume your time that could be better spent doing something you’re good at (game of chess anyone?), and that you enjoy (or perhaps a game of tennis?). I don’t know about you, but I seem to be working just about every hour of day and night. And if you’re anything like me, when you’re not working you really need some time to kick back, relax and just enjoy living!

Keep your work brain on a little longer for me and think about what would happen if someone at work asked you to do something that had nothing to do with your qualifications and expertise. It would take you twice as long as somebody who was experienced in that field and probably would not be up to the same standard. Now think about your home life, what can you delegate out to other people that will allow you to really live when you’re not at work? You’ll suddenly find that you really do have the time to take that weekend break that you’ve been talking about, or throw a neighborhood barbecue, and simply have fun.

Just think about it. Apply a bit of your work attitude to your home life, delegate out some tasks, and focus on the parts of life that you really do enjoy. It really does make sense!

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by: Andrew Ng
Guest Blogger Andrew is a serial entrepreneur and leading media and innovation consultant in the UK. His businesses include media innovation company, Fat Mouse Productions Ltd; positive communications agency, re:Markable; and web development and marketing business, Expanding Web. His most recent venture is in developing a “home concierge” service helping people “enjoy living” by taking care of their domestic chores and life’s practicalities.