Five Free iPhone Apps To Boost Productivity and Organization


These days, our smart phones are practically glued to our hands. Not only do they help us communicate, but also they keep our schedules , to-do lists, even hold passwords. With the iPhone 5 recently released you might want to consider these five free apps to help stay organized and keep life simple.


I use this for my to-do list. It’s a free app for iPhone and iPad that you can use to organize your to-list and notes by priority, start date, due date even by the time or status of the item. If you use it with it will give you access to tasks even without an internet connection.


A necessary app for any busy mother and/or professional. The free iPhone app allows users to share information such as contacts, calendars, and photos wirelessly from one phone to another.


Speaking of busy moms, YadaHome is the app that lets you organize your family. The free iPhone app allows you to get a free shared calendar, grocery list even a to-do list. Share photos, to-do items, grocery items with your family and they can update it from their phones as well.


This app is how I remember everything. And I mean everything. The free iPhone app is accessible from your phone or computer and lets you store things in an audio, visual or note form. See an article you want to read but don’t have time to right now? No problem, capture it with Evernote and access it later. You can even do that with this article.


The motto of Dropbox is simplify your life and this free app does just that. The free app allows users to share photos, documents and videos between devices such as a computer and phone or between users.  I use it to share photographs with clients and also to store PowerPoints when I am making a presentation am not bringing my computer with me.

Denise Caron-Quinnis the owner of In Order to Succeed, a full service Professional Organizing and Project Management firm serving private individuals and business owners throughout New York, Connecticut and New Jersey. Denise works closely with clients helping them to live, work and move in productive, organized and stress free ways.