Five Tips to Move Valuables

Denise Caron-Quinn

Packing for a move, whether you’re doing it yourself or hiring packers is a headache. But don’t turn it until heartbreak. Taking the time to pack your valuables the right way will make sure they come out of their boxes in good shape.

Here are five tips to keep in mind when packing and moving valuables:  

Take An Inventory And Get Insurance

Whether you are moving yourself or hiring a moving company you should take an inventory of your belongings before you move. Take pictures of all your valuables and make sure you have receipts and records from valuable purchases. Check to see what is covered under your home insurance and then consider purchasing additional insurance if necessary.

Pack Your Valuables First

Even if you are hiring packers you should pack your most important valuables yourself. These items should be packed first and stored separately from your other items.

Bundle Breakables

When your packing valuables that are breakable pack them together and putting pack paper around each item. Then wrap items together in bundles of four or five with packing paper.

Heavier Items Go On The Bottom

Heavy on the bottom, light on the top. It makes sense, but make sure you do it when it comes to packing boxes and packing the moving truck if you’re doing that yourself.

Take Your Valuables With You

If you are doing the move yourself this part is easy, but if you are using a moving company it gets a bit trickier. You probably won’t have room with you for every valuable but make sure you have your money, jewelry and documents such as birth certificates, bank and medical records in your possession during the move.

The more prepared you are for your move the easier and less stress-full the move will be. Visit In Order to Succeed’s moving and relocation category for more moving and packing tips. And don’t forget to check out our list of professional moving services and follow us  on Facebook and  Twitter.