Product Review: Snow Leopard


snow leopardIts been a little over a week since Apple introduced its new operating system Snow Leopard. In that week In Order To Succeed’s professional organizers and industry specialists who use Apple have been trying out the new system to bring you this product review.

Overall there are not a whole lot of differences between Snow Leopard and the previous operating system Leopard. Apple’s newest operating system does however, just feel cleaner, simpler, and more efficient, something we always love to see. It is faster, can support more memory, and allows for longer battery life.

Snow Leopard is incredibly easy to install simply insert the disk click, the install button and give it about 45 minutes.

In terms of quickness the applications you are most likely to see an improvement are in web browsing and Time Machine.

“The most significant performance boost was seen when making a Time Machine backup: 30 minutes in Snow Leopard versus 45 minutes in Leopard to backup 60GB of data via a FireWire 800 connection,” says

Snow Leopard runs faster than previous Apple operating systems because it is designed for Macs that have Intel Chips. Apple began using Intel chips in 2006, so if you have a Mac pre 2006, sadly, the new operating system isn’t going to work for you. It may be time to consider a computer upgrade

Other great improvements include the new version of QuickTime that will now convert clips to play on the iphone, ipods, and upload directly to YouTube. The built in email, calendar, and address book now support Microsoft Exchange Servers but only with the newest version.

The new operating is also much smaller freeing about 7 gigabytes of hard drive. Did we mention we also love things that save space?

The price tag of Snow Leopard is very reasonable $29 dollars for an individual user running leopard or $49 for a family pack with five users. If you are still using Tiger an individual user will cost $169 or $229 for a family pack. If you bought a Mac after June 8, 2009 you can upgrade for $9 but only until December 26, 2009 so make sure you take advantage of that special price.

Overall we think Snow Leopard is great. It is space saving, efficient, and just simpler.  We suggest you upgrade all though with all new operating systems it may be a good idea to give it about a month to make sure no bugs are discovered.