Denise Caron-Quinn is now an Evernote Certified Consultant

Evernote is a remarkable productivity tool that offers cloud-based storage, flexibility, and multi-platform support. We’re pleased to announce that In Order to Succeed Founder, Denise Caron-Quinn, has become an Evernote Certified Consultant. Having completed the comprehensive Evernote Business training, Denise is recognized as an Evernote expert. She can help show clients how to quickly get Evernote Business set up for their team and guide them towards maximum productivity.

Benefits of Working with an Evernote Certified Consultant:

Custom-designed workflows tailored to meet your needs
Guidance on how to best deploy Evernote in your business
In-person assistance to ensure fast adoption of Evernote among your team
Access to a personal go-to expert when you have questions
From small tasks to major projects, Evernote is where you’ll achieve your best work, day in and day out. As one workspace that lives across your phone, tablet, and computer, Evernote is the most productive office for modern teams.

Getting Started with Evernote

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Denise is looking forward to attending the Evernote Conference: EC4. Please join her and use code EB25 for 25% off registration fee.
Evernote Business Certified Consultants

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Week in Review 25 April 2010

Home and Business Organizational news and chatter from around the globe.

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Save Your Business From Time Wasters

556656621_ba9e8c870fWith piles and piles of projects to complete and the time flying away relentlessly, it’s crucial to stop wasting precious minutes, and get the work done. Time is the only non-renewable resource you have, and you need to manage it wisely if you want your business to grow by leaps and bounds.

Here are five tips to help you stay on track and accomplish more in less time…

Keep your impulse to constantly check your email box and your social media sites under control
Don’t start your day by checking emails and hanging out on social media sites – a couple of hours will disappear in the blink of an eye. Instead, use those first hours in the morning, when you’re well rested and clearheaded, for your most productive work – for the income generating activities. Then, decide upon the number of times, and the exact times of the day you’ll open your email box. When you do, reply immediately, don’t make it another task on your to-do list. Follow the same principle on your social media sites – deliberately choose when and for how long you’ll be logged in, and when you are, actively interact with other people, making the most of every moment you’re there.

Use voicemail
A phone ringing all day long can be incredibly disturbing and harmful for your business, since you’ll find it impossible to get any concentrated work completed. To keep your sanity intact, put the voicemail to good use. Record a professional message, explaining when you can be reached, or when will you call back. Alternatively, hire an assistant to handle your phone calls. The key thing is to regain control of your time by eliminating constant phone interruptions.

Switch off the television – or better yet, don’t even turn it on
You might think that television just keeps you company, and is in fact responsible for your creative mood, but the truth is that it’s only slowing you down. Sure, many great ideas can be triggered while watching a movie or a show – however, if you’re trying to finish a project that no longer involves general brainstorming, having the TV turned on might only be responsible for a huge delay in your working schedule.

Reduce in-person interruptions to a minimum
While you adore your family and friends, make sure to let them know when you’re in business mode, and kindly ask them not to disturb you, except in case of an emergency. According to statistics, a single interruption causes – on average – a twenty-minute setback, so try to ensure yourself a peaceful working environment. The more focused you can get, the sooner your business day can be over, allowing you plenty of time to dedicate to your loved ones.

Adopt the right mindset
You might notice that if you’re feeling overwhelmed, or you’re nervous about the outcome of a business project, it’s more difficult to fully immerse yourself in new and half-completed work that still needs your attention. So, in the most frenetic moments, calm down, and cheer yourself up. A success-oriented mindset will save you from panicking and losing invaluable hours you’d waste, if you gave in to fear and confusion.

By Martina Srblin, The Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur who will help you build an efficient, coherent and thriving multi-faceted business around your values and your core message.

Martina Srblin is The Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur who will help you build an efficient, coherent and thriving multi-faceted business around your values and your core message. For free resources, a FREE subscription to The Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur Ezine and to sign up for a FREE report on “7 Key Strategies to Skyrocket Your Multi-Faceted Business”, please visit Martina’s website Article Source: Image courtesy of bogenfreund’s photostream

5 Business Productivity Tips

3008764974_73d0b9c7deA productive business is a successful business While much has been written on how to make a business productive what works for one business might nor work for another. With that in mind here are five of In Order to Succeed’s favorite business productivity tips. Share your favorite business productivity tips with us by commenting below or emailing us at




Tip #1 – Keep a sense of humor
Work can be stressful, but a great way to ease tension is to keep a sense of humor especially when things don’t go exactly the way you want.
Tip # 2 – Let nature into your office
Let natural light into your office and keep a plant or two. Allowing nature in your office is great way to improve the mood and feel of an office.
Tip # 3 – Write down the things you have to do and prioritize them
Start your day by writing down everything you have to and want to accomplish that day then order them by importance.
Tip # 4 – Take care of papers immediately
File, Act, or Toss papers and emails as the come across your desk and into your inbox instead of letting them pile up. Make a decision on papers and emails immediately.
Tip # 5 – Organize workspaces for space and quite
Situate office workspace to allow each person to have a quiet place to work with minimal distractions.

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Twitter Marketing to Your Local Demographic

Twitter marketing has quickly become a tool for everyone from celebrities to small business owners.

Many small business owners, however, often wonder how to make Twitter useful to their local demographics. Hub Spot Inbound Internet Marketing recently addressed this issue.

To market your local business on Twitter, Hub Spot suggests:

1. including your location in your bio
2. following people in your area and industry
3. tweeting about your location
4. getting visible with applications such as GeoTweet which allows the tweeter to make a link to a map that shows the location of your business

What are some of the ways you engage in Twitter marketing?

Product Feature: Evernote

There are so many iphone, desktop, and blackberry applications geared towards productivity and organization that finding the right one and setting it up is often more time consuming than the product is worth.  Enter Evernote.

Evernote is a free application that allows the user to keep a database of all sorts of information organized and sorted for easy retrieval. With Evernote you can add tasks and to do lists, memos, webpages, business cards, snapshots, twitter messages, and even wine labels to a database that is accessible via the web, your desktop or notebook, iphone, blackberry, or smartphone.

Everything you add to Evernote is automatically synchronized so you are never searching for that address on your iphone only to realize it is in you desktop address book. You can search for anything on the Evernote database including text in a picture you took, perhaps  from a business card, content from a PDF, or webpage, even an audio message you recorded.

Try out Evernote for free today  or sign up for their premium service by visiting