3 Time Saving Tips


1. Check it off: Write a to-do-list for any task you do regularay: preparing for a meeting, drafting a press release, packing for a business trip and so on. The to do list will ensure that you never miss a step and will allow you to delegate more readitly.

2. Master the cutoff: Choose one phrase that team members and employees will recognize as your signal that they are talking excessively about a point. Examples: “What’s Next,” “Enough Said,” or “Move on.”

3. Keep separate emails accounts: Have one e-mail address that you publicize and another that you give out only to closse contacts. This will allow you to know which messages regquire your attention first and which your assistant can filter.

Further Reading
“3 Time Saving Tips,” was adapted from the Organized Executive‘s “Quick Tips & Time-Savers” (January 2010 issue). For more time saving tips pick up or download a copy of the Organized Executive and be sure to visit inordertosucceed.com for more time management, lifestyle management, and organizational ideas.
Photo courtesy of Zoutedrop’s photostream.