10 Organizing Pearls to Simplify Life


Organize and simplify life with these 10 organizing pearls of wisdom:

  • Sort everything by how it is used and keep things close to where you use them.
  • Keep one calendar. Adopt a system that works for you and stick with it. Don’t look in more than one place to know where you’ll need to be.
  • Commit to and Organizer Book
  • Pursue a lot of opportunities, but don’t be afraid to say no
  • Use an old fashioned egg timer to break up long and/or boring tasks
  • Focus on progress instead of perfection
  • Whenever possible eliminate paperwork for electronic
  • Start your day earlier
  • Consume less, create more
  • Create your own rules

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Organizing News: Friday Week in Review

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Tip Day Wednesday: Commit to an Organizer Book

This Tip Day Wednesday post was brought to you by guest writer Jessie Ann Fitzgerald, a time management expert and writer. Learn more about her at timemanagementexpertwriter.com.

152626650_de067bc2ab_oWhether you purchase a fancy organizer book or you simply use a legal pad, a notebook, the day planner that came from a client, or one you bought at the grocery store, find something with a calendar in a book (or book-like) format and commit to it.

Record all of your tasks for each day on it. Keep your appointments in there. Store contact information in it, even if only the most crucial numbers. And, speaking of crucial, help yourself to develop the habit of actually looking at it
every day.

While keeping an organizer book or a date book may seem like over-working yourself, you’ll find that you’ve got an organizing ally in your pocket (or purse, or on your desk) that keeps you from A) stressing out about trying to remember everything and B) forgetting the actual appointments and tasks you have to complete each day.

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