Product Feature: Evernote

There are so many iphone, desktop, and blackberry applications geared towards productivity and organization that finding the right one and setting it up is often more time consuming than the product is worth.  Enter Evernote.

Evernote is a free application that allows the user to keep a database of all sorts of information organized and sorted for easy retrieval. With Evernote you can add tasks and to do lists, memos, webpages, business cards, snapshots, twitter messages, and even wine labels to a database that is accessible via the web, your desktop or notebook, iphone, blackberry, or smartphone.

Everything you add to Evernote is automatically synchronized so you are never searching for that address on your iphone only to realize it is in you desktop address book. You can search for anything on the Evernote database including text in a picture you took, perhaps  from a business card, content from a PDF, or webpage, even an audio message you recorded.

Try out Evernote for free today  or sign up for their premium service by visiting

Product Feature: Chalkboard Calendar

Image from Martha Stewart Living

It may be the height of summer but pretty soon those lazy August days are going to turn into autumn. Now is the time to get organized.  Between school, work, and managing a household, it is often hard to remember who needs to be where at what time, and when different things are due. That’s why every family needs a household calendar.  Maybe you already have one on your computer or your cell, but having one big family calendar that everyone can see and add to is an organizational lifesaver.

We love this do it yourself calendar from Martha Stewart. There’s something so classic and modern about a chalkboard calendar and making it yourself ensures it will the prefect size for your household.

Be prepared this chalkboard calendar takes a bit of time to create, but it’s easy to do and will save time in the future. Don’t want to paint on the wall? No problem. Do what our media consultant did and grab some canvas from your local art store. To start getting organized click here to create your own chalkboard calendar.