10 Organizing Pearls to Simplify Life


Organize and simplify life with these 10 organizing pearls of wisdom:

  • Sort everything by how it is used and keep things close to where you use them.
  • Keep one calendar. Adopt a system that works for you and stick with it. Don’t look in more than one place to know where you’ll need to be.
  • Commit to and Organizer Book
  • Pursue a lot of opportunities, but don’t be afraid to say no
  • Use an old fashioned egg timer to break up long and/or boring tasks
  • Focus on progress instead of perfection
  • Whenever possible eliminate paperwork for electronic
  • Start your day earlier
  • Consume less, create more
  • Create your own rules

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How Can A Professional Organizer Help You?

iStock_000009194822Have your asked yourself, “how can a professional organizer help me?” Professional organizers help people decrease stress and increase the time they have to spend towards friends and family. Professional organizers help people regain control of time, space and improve the functionality and appearance of their home and office. Professional organizers work with clients in their home or offices to enhance efficiency, boost productivity, allowing clients to channel more energy toward individual talents. Professional organizers help to simplify lives.

In Order to Succeed is a full-service professional organizing firm providing home and business organizing solutions, moving and relocation assistance, and time management to people in New York City, Connecticut, New Jersey and downstate New York State. Our Professional organizers help clients throughout the tri-state area make their homes and offices less stressful and more streamlined.

Our professional organizing specialists and professional organizing assistants work with people in New York City, Connecticut, New Jersey, and downstate New York state to de-clutter homes, offices, or calendars and create sustainable organizing systems to keep lives organized and clutter-free. By hiring a professional you’ll be able to increase productivity, save time, and optimize your resources.

How do you know if you should hire a professional organizer? If you answer yes to any of the following questions a professional organizer could help you simplify your life.

You feel overwhelmed when you open drawers and closets
Do you feel stressed out more often than not?
Do you want to understand why you accumulate stuff?
Do you want to learn how to efficiently sort, purge, and organize the stuff you have?
Do you want to design an effective organizing system for your home or business?
Do you want that organizing system to be one you, your family, and employees will actually use?
Do you want to find space within the space you already have?
Do you are moving your home or business and want it to be as stress free as possible?
Do you can’t see the surface of your desk in your office under piles of paperwork?
Do you frequently miss important deadlines?
Do you have difficulty keeping track of work and family schedules?
Do you want to learn how to work more efficiently?
Do you are embarrassed to invite people to you home due to all the clutter?
Do you want to create an efficient and effective organization system for your kitchen?
Do you have trouble completing tasks and feel there is never enough hours in the day?
Do you want to learn to work more efficiently?
Do you want to save money by being more efficient and productive?
Do you want to learn effective time management skills?
Do you have boxes in your closet, basement, or garage you haven’t looked in in three years?
Do you want to learn how to simplify your life?

Professional organizers at In Order to Succeed work with clients in New York City, Connecticut, New Jersey and downstate New York who need to organize an office, tame their paper piles, and technology, fill out insurance claims, de-clutter any area of a home such as a kitchen, or office space. Our professional organizers handle clutter clearing, wardrobe editing, cabinet, closet and storage area organization to make the most of any space. They define and a create a space for things most often used, create filing systems, develop simple systems for mail management, bill-paying, and household maintenance, and offer time consulting services to figure out your key life objectives and priorities. Our professional organizers will manage properties, set up email management and technological support, and handle lifestyle management and concierge services. Basically our professional organizers take on projects based on the needs and wishes of our clients. We want to help you be more productive, feel a sense of balance, recapture time and take the stress and complexity out of your home, work or move. Professional organizers simplify lives.

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Product Review: Snow Leopard

snow leopardIts been a little over a week since Apple introduced its new operating system Snow Leopard. In that week In Order To Succeed’s professional organizers and industry specialists who use Apple have been trying out the new system to bring you this product review.

Overall there are not a whole lot of differences between Snow Leopard and the previous operating system Leopard. Apple’s newest operating system does however, just feel cleaner, simpler, and more efficient, something we always love to see. It is faster, can support more memory, and allows for longer battery life.

Snow Leopard is incredibly easy to install simply insert the disk click, the install button and give it about 45 minutes.

In terms of quickness the applications you are most likely to see an improvement are in web browsing and Time Machine.

“The most significant performance boost was seen when making a Time Machine backup: 30 minutes in Snow Leopard versus 45 minutes in Leopard to backup 60GB of data via a FireWire 800 connection,” says Wired.com.

Snow Leopard runs faster than previous Apple operating systems because it is designed for Macs that have Intel Chips. Apple began using Intel chips in 2006, so if you have a Mac pre 2006, sadly, the new operating system isn’t going to work for you. It may be time to consider a computer upgrade

Other great improvements include the new version of QuickTime that will now convert clips to play on the iphone, ipods, and upload directly to YouTube. The built in email, calendar, and address book now support Microsoft Exchange Servers but only with the newest version.

The new operating is also much smaller freeing about 7 gigabytes of hard drive. Did we mention we also love things that save space?

The price tag of Snow Leopard is very reasonable $29 dollars for an individual user running leopard or $49 for a family pack with five users. If you are still using Tiger an individual user will cost $169 or $229 for a family pack. If you bought a Mac after June 8, 2009 you can upgrade for $9 but only until December 26, 2009 so make sure you take advantage of that special price.

Overall we think Snow Leopard is great. It is space saving, efficient, and just simpler.  We suggest you upgrade all though with all new operating systems it may be a good idea to give it about a month to make sure no bugs are discovered.

Do You Need a Professional Organizer?

professional organizers2Professional organizers help clients decrease stress, increase the time they have to spend towards friends and family, regain control of time and space, improve the functionality and appearance of their home and office, enhance efficiency, boost productivity, allow them to channel more energy toward individual talents, and help clients simplify their lives. Here are only a few of the many reasons you may need a professional organizer.


  1. Feeling overwhelmed when you open drawers and closets
  2. Stressing out more often than not
  3. Wanting to understand why you accumulate stuff
  4. Wanting to learn how to efficiently sort, purge, and organize the stuff you have
  5. Wanting to design an effective organizing system for your home or business
  6. Wanting that organizing system to be one you, your family, and employees will actually use
  7. Wanting to find space within the space you already have
  8. Moving your home or business and want it to be as stress free as possible
  9. Not seeing the surface of your desk in your office under piles of paperwork
  10. Frequently missing important deadlines
  11. Difficulty keeping track of work and family schedules
  12. Wanting to learn how to work more efficiently
  13. Being embarrassed to invite people to you home due to all the clutter
  14. Wanting to create an efficient and effective organization system for your kitchen
  15. Having trouble completing tasks and feel there is never enough hours in the day
  16. Wanting to learn to work more efficiently
  17. Wanting to save money be being more efficient and productive
  18. Wanting to learn effective time management skills
  19. Having boxes in your closet, basement, or garage you haven’t looked in in three years
  20. Wanting to learn how to simplify your life

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Effective Organization of Your Life


This article exists purely to stimulate your thoughts about how you can better spend your time. I hope you enjoy it!

Let me pose a question for you: What do you do at work?

Chances are it is reasonably specialized. You may be in a very academic career such as a lawyer, teacher, engineer, accountant; the list goes on and on. Or you may be in a more creative industry, a marketing expert, writer, designer, or musician. The career options are numerous but you’ll have picked one that suits you and that you’re good at.

What then would happen if you work in advertising as a Creative Director and suddenly have to do the company accounts? I think you’ll agree with me that it might be quite challenging.

How about your home life? Do you try and do everything? From the cooking to the cleaning and from the shopping to the gardening, when do you have time to “be you”?

I’m going to tell you what I do. I’m a serial entrepreneur, so I basically start and build companies. My expertise is in marketing and business innovation, but one of my companies is a web development business, Expanding Web. How does that work then? The answer is obvious isn’t it? Someone else does the web development while I deal with business strategy, marketing, and innovation. Everyone is happy – the company gets great marketing and innovative new ways to grow, our clients get great, technically accomplished sites, and we create a bit of additional employment in the community as well. Seems like I’ve got that one sorted, eh?

Why then do we not structure our home lives in a similar way?  Too often we try and do everything, from cooking to cleaning, and shopping to gardening.

I want you to “turn your work brain on”, just for a moment and think about how much better life at home would be if you could delegate out tasks that you don’t enjoy, tasks that consume your time that could be better spent doing something you’re good at (game of chess anyone?), and that you enjoy (or perhaps a game of tennis?). I don’t know about you, but I seem to be working just about every hour of day and night. And if you’re anything like me, when you’re not working you really need some time to kick back, relax and just enjoy living!

Keep your work brain on a little longer for me and think about what would happen if someone at work asked you to do something that had nothing to do with your qualifications and expertise. It would take you twice as long as somebody who was experienced in that field and probably would not be up to the same standard. Now think about your home life, what can you delegate out to other people that will allow you to really live when you’re not at work? You’ll suddenly find that you really do have the time to take that weekend break that you’ve been talking about, or throw a neighborhood barbecue, and simply have fun.

Just think about it. Apply a bit of your work attitude to your home life, delegate out some tasks, and focus on the parts of life that you really do enjoy. It really does make sense!

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by: Andrew Ng
Guest Blogger Andrew is a serial entrepreneur and leading media and innovation consultant in the UK. His businesses include media innovation company, Fat Mouse Productions Ltd; positive communications agency, re:Markable; and web development and marketing business, Expanding Web. His most recent venture is in developing a “home concierge” service helping people “enjoy living” by taking care of their domestic chores and life’s practicalities.

The Importance of Omitting


Image from Laure WayaffeWilliam Stunk Jr, the Cornell English Professor wrote Elements of Style in 1918. Today the book is required reading for journalism students across the country, but not only journalists that can learn from Stunk. 

In Elements of Style Stunk wrote that “one should omit needles words.”  Zen Habits: Simple Productivity took this one step further in a recent blog post by suggesting we omit needless things.

What are some of the needless things in your life that you could omit?  Zen Habits suggests we apply the philosophy of omitting needless things to various aspects of our lives such as:

  • possessions
  • buying
  • eating
  • doing
  • goals
  • what we produce

Give us your suggestions of things you would omit!

15 Organizing Tips for a More Orderly Life

denise-quinnAn organized life is a more peaceful life, and having your surroundings in order allows you to enjoy everyday free from stress and clutter. Here are 15 organizing tips from In Order to Succeed to create a more orderly life.

1. Begin the organization process with areas that are most visible and/or problematic. Start small and be sure to allow sufficient time for each step in the process: sort, purge, assign a home, containerize, then maintain and equalize regularly.

2. Create systems that fit your life and surroundings.

3. Keep your systems and procedures as simple as possible.

4. Sort everything by how it is used and keep things close to where you use them.

5. Automate as much as possible – become more familiar with technology to use it to help organize information and pay bills to the extent that you feel comfortable.

6. Learn to say NO, lessen your commitments in accordance with your big picture life goals.

7. Use a master list to keep track of to-dos and projects.

8. Delegate whenever possible and don’t be afraid to ask for help from family, friends and professionals.

9. Purge and weed continuously. Set aside time each day to tidy and maintain your surroundings and schedule.

10. Establish a home for everything and return items to their proper place immediately (or shortly) after use.

11. Use proper containers and tools to more simply organize your environment and schedule.

12. Invest in a good labeler (ie. Brother P-Touch) and label EVERYTHING.

13. Fight procrastination. Make decisions about things when they show up – not blow up!

14. Adopt the habit of letting something go (donate, sell or toss) with every new acquisition and/or purchase.

15. Tell someone about your commitment to the process of getting organized – it will help you stick to your plan and reach your goals.

by: Denise Caron-Quinn
Founder & President of
In Order To Succeed

Fail in Order to Succeed

logo+tag_JPGDo we need to fail in order to succeed?    A very provocative question.   Is it best to avoid failure?   Not necessarily. There are two ways to avoid failure:

Working so hard and doing such a good job that you succeed.

Only taking on projects that are so far below your capabilities that failure is never a realistic possibility.

If you really want to succeed you must take on things that have a high chance of failing.  If you only attempt things that you know you can do, then you aren’t challenging yourself .  Never having any failures is a pretty good indicator that you aren’t taking on things that are truly challenging for you.   Tackling challenges that push you to to your limits will increase your capabilities and lead you to realize your true potential.

Product Feature: Chalkboard Calendar

Image from Martha Stewart Living

It may be the height of summer but pretty soon those lazy August days are going to turn into autumn. Now is the time to get organized.  Between school, work, and managing a household, it is often hard to remember who needs to be where at what time, and when different things are due. That’s why every family needs a household calendar.  Maybe you already have one on your computer or your cell, but having one big family calendar that everyone can see and add to is an organizational lifesaver.

We love this do it yourself calendar from Martha Stewart. There’s something so classic and modern about a chalkboard calendar and making it yourself ensures it will the prefect size for your household.

Be prepared this chalkboard calendar takes a bit of time to create, but it’s easy to do and will save time in the future. Don’t want to paint on the wall? No problem. Do what our media consultant did and grab some canvas from your local art store. To start getting organized click here to create your own chalkboard calendar.