Tip Day Wednesday: 6 Ways to use Twitter Efficiently


twitterEach Wednesday In Order to Succeed‘s blog features at least one tip on organizing, time management, moving and relocation, balancing home and business or well anything else we think you will find helpful. This week’s Tip Day Wednesday is about using twitter for your business. Twitter can be a wonderful resource. You can use it to connect with people in your field, share news, and promote your business but it can also be time draining. Here are some tips to use twitter more efficiently to promote your business:

  • Create Twitter Balance. Let yourself feel fine if you don’t post for a couple of days.
  • Set up tweetbeeps.com. Use it for keyword searches so you can contact others in your field.
  • Establish yourself as an expert, and provide valuable tweets by linking. But only link to helpful, original, relevant articles and/or websites.
  • Be careful of over promoting yourself. Don’t only tweet to promote yourself. A good rule of thumb is that 80 percent of your tweets should not be about you. Twenty percent or less should be self-promotional.
  • Use some sort of advance tweet. We use futuretweets, but there are many such as TweetLater. If you spend 15 minutes every morning setting up your tweets you know you will have some during the day even if you don’t have time to go back and check twitter. Remember the tweets should be original and relevant even if your setting them up in advance.
  • Don’t over retweet. You should only be retweeting high quality links around 3-5 a day at the most.

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