Week In Review 9/6


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What did this week bring? The begining of September, the start of the a new school year, the rush to fit in one last long weekend away, and….

  • Time Management tip: The Key to effectiveness – FocusFrom Harvard Business Publishing
  • Learn how to organize and streamline your books, CDs, and DVDs with getorganizedwizard.com
  • Now that school is back in session – consider this emergency info card for your children’s safety:  from the Efficiency Specialist
  • Add one or two hours to every day with the help of  The Clutter Diet Blog
  • The 10 Rules for Building a Successful Personal Brand from Under30CEO
  • Why You Need a Vacation from Harvard Business Publishing -There’s still time to squeeze in a few days before summer ends!
  • “In England leisure and PLEASURE rhyme but in the US leisure rhymes with SEIZURE.” Steve Rushin
  • It’s that time of year: Your Back-to-School Guide from Real Simple
  • Bogged down by email, voicemail, texts, and tweets? Here are some tips to manage all the info:  Death by Information Overload from Harvard Business Publishing
  • Project Management Tip: Minimize your interruptions from colleagues by wearing headphones just while you work on a project