Workin’ It with Awesome Apps!


Everyone knows that applications have improved our personal lives, but they can also drastically improve our work lives as well. Many applications available for smartphones today can contribute directly to employee productivity and success, and sometimes even to client satisfaction. Companies that rely heavily on mobile devices will find the installation of these applications can greatly affect what their employees are able to get done with the time they have.

ClouD Explorer

ClouD Explorer allows users to sync certain files among their computers and other devices. Anything placed in a ClouD Explorer folder will sync between the user’s computer or Google Drive and will be accessible via the user’s smartphone. This app is an excellent way for employees to quickly sync their documents between their work and personal computers and to pull up the documents they need while they’re mobile. The service is only 99 cents and each employee can have their own account.

GoPayment by Intuit

GoPayment by Intuit is one of the leading applications available for taking payments through a smartphone. Signing up for the service through Quickbooks offers you a free credit and debit card reader that is compatible with BlackBerry cell phones and others such as iPhone and Android. Businesses can purchase extra card readers at a low price. GoPayment by Intuit, as well as other smartphone-friendly merchant processors, is extremely useful because it allows employees to take payments in the field and on the floor. This increase in efficiency comes at virtually no extra cost because the service itself is extremely competitive. In addition to this, the GoPayment subscription service can be used as an ordinary merchant processor and card numbers can be manually keyed in at a slight cost increase. Transactions can also be automatically entered into a company’s Quickbooks file for fast and consistent accounting.


Skype has become the main application for those who need video conferencing on the go. Skype offers face-to-face conferencing, instant messaging and voice calls. Businesses that require their employees to occasionally call in and would prefer to conference with them visually will find that Skype is one of the best and easiest ways to do so. It can also save on long distance calls for businesses that involve a lot of travel due to the fact that it operates outside of the phone’s calling plan. The instant messaging feature also makes it easy for employees on computer systems to quickly send messages to those who are out of the office. Skype is available for the BlackBerry, iPhone and Android.


An essential companion to meetings, BetterNote makes it easy for anyone to take notes anywhere. Not only can this be used by administrative staff members, but it can also be used by upper management to organize the information gathered from a discussion. This app supports multimedia formatting and has a very simple, intuitive interface that leaves nothing to chance. Note takers can organize their notes with tags for easy searching. This app supports large files and portrait or landscape modes. The best part? It’s free.