“Tiffany’s professionalism and sense of fairness combined with her natural, open and authentic personality make her a pleasure to work with. Her attention to detail,  communication style and creativity make all that she does a success. I highly recommend Tiffany and In Order to Succeed® for any project, as they will make your life simpler and happier.”

Reverend Laura Whitmore, Southport Congregational Church

True Understanding and A Personal Touch


With today’s fast-paced lifestyle, living well and working smart can be a delicate balance.  Tiffany Sorensen and our Minnesota In Order to Succeed® team can help organize your home, life, and work environments and establish a sense of order and simplicity.  We offer you the Luxury of Time® by providing personal concierge and life management services, hospitality and event planning, home and wardrobe styling, renovation, relocation and moving coordination, absentee homeowner services, and more. 

We understand that having your home and life in order is life changing! We will help you develop solutions that will beautify your environment, provide seamless transition between seasonal homes, manage household and business logistics, do the mental heavy lifting through moves, remodels, and special events, get your home and life organized and more importantly, keep it organized.  Tiffany and her exceptional team will tailor an approach for each project to suit your unique needs and assist you in navigating new challenges and life’s transitions with professionalism and grace.

What can In Order To Succeed® do for you?

If you live in or are moving to/from the Twin Cities Metro area, look to us for the following services:

Professional Concierge Services

  • Shop and stock both grocery and household items for seasonal/part time residents
  • Coordinate vendor and utility contracts
  • Mail and package collection/management for absentee homeowners
  • Allow access/meet appointments for various vendors and services
  • Schedule appointments 
  • Gift sourcing and procurement
  • Personal/virtual professional assistant

Part Time and Rental Property Services

  • Seasonal/Part Time Home Arrival Preparation
  • Purchase and install home furnishings and home related goods
  • Serve as Rental Property “Host”, meet guests upon arrival
  • Home Rental Procurement Assistance
  • Home manual creation
  • Manage vendors and contractors such as housekeeping, landscapers and handymen
  • Periodic property checks
  • Activate/Deactivate Utilities

Home and Life Organization/Management

  • Declutter your spaces and assist with donations or sale of unwanted items
  • Wardrobe styling/consulting/closet editing & maintenance
  • Assessment of your personal organizational needs
  • Create, teach and implement solutions to get and stay organized
  • Personal or virtual assistance
  • Home inventory and household manual creation
  • Life transition support (downsizing, rightsizing, estate clearing . . . )
  • Document management/creation of filing systems
  • Work with you as you build a more organized life, cashing in on The Luxury of Time

Interior and Renovation Services

  • Home Styling/Re-styling
  • Specify, source and procure fixtures, furnishings and finishes
  • Collect and manage home improvement estimates, meet/coordinate/oversee vendors & contractors
  • Provide liaison between homeowner and contractors, home repairmen, etc.

Move Coordination/Relocation Specialist

  • Stage your home using proven techniques to appeal to today’s buyer
  • Assist and oversee organized packing and unpacking to make your transition to a new space simple
  • Assist in determining items you really need in a move
  • Arrange for and manage sale, donation or recycling of unwanted goods
  • Purchase and install home goods and furnishings, assist in decor choices and layout of new spaces
  • Oversee service providers
  • Activate and deactivate utilities
  • Coordinate all aspects of the move so you don’t have to

Event Management

  • Create, organize and/or produce any or all aspects of your events including cocktail and dinner soirees, pre-wedding celebrations, intimate weddings, memorials and celebrations of any kind
  • Theme/”brand” creation
  • Logistics management
  • Bid/vendor management

Corporate Concierge Services

  • Corporate concierge services and retreat/event planning
  • Accommodations and bookings
  • Gift sourcing and procurement
  • Personal/virtual professional assistance

The Luxury of Time®

Whether you are new to the area, a part time resident, or a lifelong Minnesotan, we all find ourselves wishing for more time.  Whether it’s to focus on your family and friends, your business, or simply to explore the many culinary, cultural, and outdoor activities our area has to offer (visit www.mplschamber.com, www.visitsaintpaul.com or www.mspmag.com for inspiration), In  Order to Succeed® can assist you in carving out more time for these pursuits.  Whether taking the reins on an interior project, organizing a move, home, or event, or styling your wardrobe and organizing your closet for a seasonal change, In Order to Succeed® provides our clients with the means to gain precious hours to invest in the things that matter to you most.

Serving the Minneapolis – Saint Paul Metro Area and beyond . . .

In Order To Succeed
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