Taking a home inventory is an essential, yet often overlooked part of an organized home. Creating and maintaining a home inventory list not only helps you to easily assign value to your possessions for insurance but it can also help you determine what items to put where, which ones are in storage and if you are in the process of moving a home inventory can make it easy to identify which items to donate.

Taking a home inventory, however, requires a great deal of time and coordination causing most people to feel stressed and overwhelmed.

Years of being professional organizers and moving specialists have shown us that the key elements to a successful home inventory are a detailed process of creating a home inventory, which allows our clients to keep records and pertinent information on hand. Our professional organizing and relocation specialists handle creating item descriptions, taking videos or photographs and detailed lists of the cost at time of purchase, appraisal value, date and location of purchase and more for our clients within New York (NYC | Manhattan | Westchester) and Connecticut (CT).

In Order to Succeed® can help as much or as little as you need to be certain that you have a detailed inventory.  Here are some of the ways we can assist you with our inventory services:

“You have worked hard for your business, your family and for the items you cherish. Let IOTS Inventory Services ensure these items are accounted for, easily accessible and protected. It is critical for professional purposes: insurance, wills + trusts, future asset distribution, and routine maintenance.”


  • Finances, personal contacts, professional contacts, home furnishings, collections, wine, art, clothing, mementoes, contents of primary and secondary homes. If you have it, and it’s important to you, IOTS can help.
  • Assist with identification and management of inventories.
  • Photograph, measure, categorize.
  • Digitize inventories so they are accessible 24-7, virtually from any location.


  • Work with professionals for appraisals of fine art, home furnishings and collectibles is an important part of the moving process. In Order to Succeed® works with reputable professionals to appraise your items.
  • Work with insurance companies to ensure inventories are formatted per their requirements.


  • Schedule annual review to ensure that inventories are kept up to date, deleting items that are no longer in possession, and adding in new items.