Healthcare isn’t as simple as it used to be and getting the best care is getting more difficult. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a friend who knows the ins and outs of the healthcare system? When you hire In Order To Succeed®, you do. Working on your behalf In Order To Succeed® healthcare advocates see to it that your health insurance works the way its supposed to. When you have medical questions, insurance disputes, questions about coverage, even if you’ve been denied access for a certain medical procedure, In Order To Succeed® can step in and help.

In Order To Succeed® can provide health care support including:

  • Insurance dispute resolution
  • Medical research
  • Bills and forms consolidation services
  • Medical claims processing, tracking and resubmissions

Gaining access to local and worldwide resources that support health can be daunting to most consumers of health care services. In Order To Succeed® will provide you with easy access to the appropriate medical information resources available on internet, including information from federal agencies (e.g., NIH, FDA), clinical guidelines and protocols, literature and library services, medical encyclopedias, continuing medical education resources and, of course, many other non-medical services. Exploring and researching such information is a time-consuming and unreliable task so allow us to facilitate your access to these context-sensitive sources as well as to provide you with additional explanations and teaching utilities as appropriate.   In Order To Succeed® can also take the hassle out of paying your medical bills. We’ll sort through invoices, figure out whats covered by insurance and return to you a simple, easy to understand statement that clearly tells you what you owe. Whether you are insured under an HMO, traditional indemnity plan, Medicare or MediGap, In Order To Succeed® has the expertise to completely understand your situation. Let us assist you to simplify your healthcare matters and ensure that you receive the full benefit of your insurance.