Maintaining an organized home is challenging enough, but adding children into the mix gives the word “organized” both new meaning and more complex standards. In Order to Succeed® can work with you and your student to establish effective tools to manage time, spaces and responsibilities. We teach time management skills to students to build skills for living more productively and create environments that promote effective and sustainable organizational habits that will serve them well in academia and beyond. 

We help improve academic performance and simplify your student’s life by:

  • Training students in time management skills
    • Introducing a planner or calendar
    • Using technological tools such as Evernote to plan out assignments and prepare for deadlines
    • Breaking down long-term projects into manageable tasks
  • Creating a streamlined workspace by minimizing or eliminating distractions
    • Optimizing the use of bedroom and homework spaces
  • Developing methods to maintain an organized locker and backpack
  • Setting realistic goals and identifying the necessary steps to achieve them
  • Changing or improving study habits
  • Teaching strategies to tackle and avoid procrastination
  • Focusing on life skills strategies and solutions to overcome organizational challenges not always taught in school